NEW IN! NomNom Chocolate Bars


NomNom cocoa is always sourced from a single region that naturally
gives it a beautifully unique character. They love working with proper
local food in their bars. They promise to make chocolate that packs
real flavour from real ingredients.

Way up north on the isle of Anglesey salt crystals are harvested by
hand from the pristine waters of the Menai Straits that are blended
into the finest Venezuelan cocoa to give you the Halen Mon seasalt
chocolate bar.

Lavender grown on a windswept Welsh hill farm is an ingredient in
our fresh and floral lavender bar.

Orange marmalade made with Cwm Deri Vineyard’s Cwmtreau gives
a sweet orange perfume taste to the bars.

Bars now in stock:
Wild Welsh Honeycomb
Halen Mon Caramel
Brecon Vodka & Raspberry
Orange Marmalade
Welsh Lavender
Halen Mon
Strawberry & Gooseberry
Rhubarb & Ginger.

Keep in mind, never eat more chocolate than you can lift!